Your poems [in Doubles] are a delight. I read them at one sitting, and felt like I went somewhere. Somewhere real. Your poems aren’t just places—and they are: each one a unique place in an unrepeatable time—they are also creatures. I love the steady beat of your work over the years, a calm heart even in shipwreck. Your “Poems for Wendy” are moving and true. There is an urbane mix of youthful expectation and otherworldly wisdom in your work. The amazing thing is that it was there when I first read you—1967-68? Thanks for putting me on to these works. They are wonderful.

Andrei Codrescu

The poems in Jack Hopper’s Doubles resonate with what I can only call a kind of visionary nostalgia—by which I mean they are bound up in the solar flares of the past and the mythic lighthouses of the future, while also simultaneously always reveling in the present (and presence) of their particularly reflector-ed and kaleidoscoped occasions: the morning news, listening to music, reading, sleeping, love and death and the whole ragged sha-da-boom and beauty of being alive for an instant. Reading this book, I am reminded again and again that poems are everywhere in the plethora of our lives waiting to be unpacked and sounded out and sung for as long as we’re able, at the tops of our lungs.

Matt Hart

Jack Hopper is that rare editor who doubles as a master pedagogue inspiring his clients to emulate his high standards and, equally important, his tact.

David Lee Rubin,
Publisher, Rookwood Press

In my fifty years in the publishing field, I have worked with a number of different editors, all of them quite competent, but Jack Hopper is my favorite. He is the most thorough and trustworthy editor with whom it has been my pleasure to work.

William Pratt,
Professor of English Emeritus,
Miami University of Ohio

From Doubles